Monday, 7 November 2011

=== long distance love ===

Every time I wake up by dawn 
I dream of you...of us... 
'til I realized, I 'm alone 
And I miss you so much! 
my baby.

When I start thinking of you 
I think that's all I knew 
And when I do 
I feel as if my heart 
would split in two...

I wish I were home with you now 
'cuz to get through this loneliness 
I know not how 
Oh, I miss you so much, terribly 
Especially at this moment.

But keep in mind honey 
though we're both miles away 
Every day that I lay 
In your arms I long to be 
and that my love for you 
will never fade 
but will stay 
I miss you honey 
n also I LOVE YOU...

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